Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Getty Center and Griffith Observatory in L.A

In December, I went to Los Angeles with my friends.
For foreign people, L.A is sometimes complexed and sometimes fantastic place.
(But, as I mentioned it, I love San Diego more than L.A)

this place is Griffith Observatory.
did you see the movie named "Yes Man"(main actor is Jim) ?
In this movie, this place is one of the important background.
They have great night view !!
And we can also see the shape of moon.

This is Getty Center.
You know, enterance fee is free, but parking fee is $10.
I think it's a good deal because they have lots of stuff to see something.
(Picture, Sculpture, so on...)
and this sight is best artificial sight I've ever seen.

and would you have some recommand sight to visit L.A ?
If you have, I would appreciate to comments below.

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